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How To Pick The Right Pre-Shampoo Treatment For Your Curly Hair

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While many people with curly hair avoid shampooing as much as possible, this can lead to build-up on the scalp and itchiness. A pre-shampoo treatment helps moisturize and soften the hair so it can handle being washed without drying out, becoming frizzy, or showing signs of damage. Using the right pre-shampoo could help you wash more often while still enjoying good body and smoothness from your curls. Here are some tips on choosing a product from the wide variety of pre-shampoo treatments available today.

Consider Hair Texture

While many curly hair products are designed for certain curl types, it's the thickness of the hair strand that matters most for pre-shampoo treatments. Thinner hair will need a light oil or mousse product that coats the strands without being too heavy. Using a thick product on thin strands of hair, even with tighter curls, will potentially break strands as you spread it through your locks or result in an over-moisturized look. For thicker hair, butters and gels are a good choice because they can provide the extra moisturizing power the wider strand needs. Try products with a few different textures until you find just the right balance for your particular hair texture.

Read the Recommended Leave-In Time

There's a pre-shampoo treatment to match everyone's preferred routine. If you like to apply products only 30 minutes to an hour before a shower, look for a quick-acting gel or oil product designed to absorb fast. For people who don't mind being patient and planning ahead, many products are designed for overnight leave-in. Consider keeping both types on hand so you can always pre-shampoo no matter how much time you have before showering.

Try a Gel for Dandruff Help

Moisturizing curls without irritating the scalp can be tricky if you're already dealing with dandruff. Look for a product that offers both skin and hair moisturizing benefits, such as gels based on aloe vera. This kind of curly hair product is easy to spread through thin and thick hair alike, but it's also good at soothing a dry scalp without clogging pores or causing itchiness.

Go with Butter for Extra Moisturization

When your hair needs heavy-duty hydration before you can dare use shampoo, stick to products in a butter format. Avocado, hemp, shea, and cocoa butter products can all offer different levels of hair protection as a pre-treatment. If you find them hard to spread through your particular curl pattern, try a whipped mousse format that's easier to spread while still providing the same level of moisturization.

For more information on curly hair care products, contact a professional near you.